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Industrial Off-Line 30W

Smart Static Fiber Laser Printer

Model SLP-F30B

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Industrial Off-Line 30W Smart Static Fiber Laser Printer

Model SLP-F30B

Price - Rs. 2,99,000/-

Model SLP-F30B is a long-term alternative to ink-jet printers. The laser beam is focused onto the surface of the material to be marked with an f-theta lens, which has the property of being able to maintain its focus throughout a plane, rather than focusing on just one spot, steered by a pair of computer-controlled mirrors. That mark can be in the form of graphical images, text, machine-readable codes (i.e. barcodes, UID codes or 2D codes), or any other type of mark imaginable. For 300 × 300 mm laser marking area, you have to choose the fiber laser marking machine of 30W. For the laser engraving application, it can do faster and deeper engraving. For jewelry engraving and cutting, it can do some thin cutting for gold or silver within 1mm. It can carry out high-quality laser marking which is clear, effective and cannot be erased (for security). The machine can run continuously 24/7 and is maintenance-free for more than 1,00,000 hours, reducing production costs, using no consumables and improving production efficiency. A fiber laser is a laser where the active medium being used is an optical fiber that has been doped in rare elements. There is some dust and smoke when laser is printing, but not as much as CO2. Marking material can be Metal (copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, etc.), Aluminum foil pouches, HDPE / PVC products (pipes, containers, etc.), ABS, etc.

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